Why I went on a Glee-Expedition …

Snow is a rarity in London where I live. When flakes started falling earlier this week it called to an emotion in me which lay somewhat dormant. There are truths which 10yr old me understood with absolute clarity, for example; snow is an opportunity falling from the heavens for us to play.

Thirty years on, and the notion of play I largely associate with my children, who are vigorous and highly focussed on pursuing it. Now that I’m a ‘grown up’ do I need to play?

It turns out that my heart’s answer to that question is ‘of course you do, it’s one of the things which makes life worth living’! My head on the other hand is mainly preoccupied with an epic to-do list of items and isn’t sure that play should be on the agenda. So, I had to choose; ‘should I stay or should I go’?

Often my head wins, but the pull of sunshine on fresh snow upped the stakes considerably. The unused wooden sledge hanging in my office has been waiting for this week for years since I received it as a generous Christmas gift. My heart prompted me again, ‘if not now, then when’?

So, I took a long lunch and went on a Glee-Expedition, in the hope that I would find a source of that emotion only obtainable by sliding across a white landscape and whizzing down hills. It was there, in Richmond Park, a couple of hours of snowy play was just what my soul needed.

I want to be fun for my wife and kids, and unless I play and seek out the glee where it may be found, it is much harder to bring the joy to my work and home. So, here’s to the advent of the Glee-Expedition, maybe you’d like one too …