Disaster Relief Emergency Response

Operating within established responses (Darfur, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC], Afghanistan and Liberia) taught me about maintaining reliable logistics. As Technical Set-up Officer for Tearfund’s Emergency Response Team in Haiti I learnt how crucial it is to be briefed, trained, resourced and connected to make an effective impact in the early stages of a disaster. My desire is to support the preparedness of staff with technical skills ready for deployment into relief operations. I may also be deployable for on the ground short term technical support depending on availability.

Summary of Technical Preparedness Training Offered:

  • Communications:
    • VHF & HF Radio
    • Radio Mast Erection
    • SatPhones
    • SatModems
  • Driving:
    • 4wd Vehicles
    • Vehicle Safety
    • Local Driver Recruitment
  • Electrical:
    • Generator
    • Battery / Inverter Back-up
    • Portable Auxiliary Power
    • Local Wiring / Safety
  • Fieldcraft:
    • Tented Accommodation
    • Cooking
    • Hygiene
    • Safe Water