Expedition Logistics

Wild and remote places have a special place in my soul.  I know that getting to them, achieving objectives and returning successfully requires robust systems, planning and a flexible approach. Utilising skills derived from international relief logistics, experience of living overseas, and as a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society I aim to support expeditionary work with solid practical advice, training and planning.

Are you planning an expedition? Would you like help from an experienced Technical Logistician?
I am available for consultancy and to deliver training tailored to your specific requirements in each of the areas below:

  • Equipment Selection
  • Vehicle Management and Off-Road Driving
  • Communications Equipment
  • Portable Power Supply
  • Safety in Travel

So much can be gained through solid planning, proper equipping and practical training which will enable an expedition to focus on primary objectives rather than getting bogged down in logistics. If you are asking: What vehicles do we need?; How will we maintain them?; How will we communicate from remote places?; How do we keep the laptop charged when we are way off the grid?; What happens if something goes wrong?, then I would be delighted to help you prepare to succeed. Contact me here to talk about how.

Nathan Beard Ventures was delighted to support The Great Game Expedition as Logistics Technical Adviser, please click here for more information.

Click here for – Technical Experience Summary