What Clients Say …

Fathers & Sons Weekends:

(Participants are Fathers & Guardians, plus boys from 9yrs upwards)

Dad – “I valued taking time out in a wild space with my son because Nathan taught him things that I can’t teach him, in a very safe environment, with excellent teaching.”

Dad – “I would describe the atmosphere on an NBVentures weekend as wonderfully focused on the children.” 

Dad – “Sleeping in a bivouac is something every boy should do with their father, and every father with their boy.”

Dad – “As an instructor Nathan is THE MAN, in the most wonderfully polite and knowledgeable way.”

Dad – “Preparing wild food was an excellent growing experience”

Dad – “What was the best thing about the event? It was well planned and exactly as described.”

Son – “How would you describe the food at the Fathers & Sons Weekend? Better than mums cooking, but don’t tell mum please.”

Dad & Son – “Overall how would you rate the weekend? 10/10″

Wild Men of Faith Weekends:

(Participants are men between 18-80yrs)

“It was so freeing to be away from modern living” 

“I had a great time!”

“I had anticipated a sense of austerity about the camp food but was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of food on offer – we ate like princes!”

“I found Nathan to be very knowledgable: about the environment in which we were camping; about the tools and skills used to exploit the available resources.”

“I found Nathan’s style to be very engaging and he was open to questions at any level”

“I would love to do it again!”

“The thing I enjoyed most about the weekend was being in the company of men, good conversations and being immersed in the beauty of nature.”

“Nathan’s style as an instructor is relaxed and authoritative – he made me feel completely safe.”

“One thing which surprised me during the event was the quality of the rabbit pie – this was gourmet cooking rather than survival cooking!”

“It felt adventurous being given the freedom to pick my own spot to pitch for the night.”

“After the weekend I felt like I’d had a really fun time; a refreshing break from the comforts of city life in the company of a good group of guys.”

“One thing which surprised me during the event was that by taking small steps into each activity, which Nathan led us in very carefully without rushing, it enabled me to achieve the overall bigger activities and challenges presented.”

“Nathan was full of grace, gentleness and wisdom. Probably one of the calmest men I have ever come across. Even though I made a “school boy error” resulting in slicing my hand open on a bracken plant. He dealt with it swiftly, safely and, to my relief, with great grace.”

“In summary – God taught me many things on this wild weekend and it has been a great help in my continued journey with Jesus, plus I got to learn some handy skills to help me feel more at home in the wilderness – which has been liberating. Thank you Nathan and the team.”


Wild Futures Weekends:

(Participants are men between 18-80)

“Sleeping in a nordic tipi in January is warm!”

“I appreciated following Nathan’s guided reflections for the new year, particularly finding how God works through my hopes and dreams to pinpoint a word that describes what he has for me this year. “

“Overall how would you rate the weekend? It was a 5 star weekend.”



Bespoke Team Day:

(Participants are Women & Men between 18-80)


“Many thanks Nathan , it was a day to remember.”