Bespoke Events

Are you hunting a great way to engage with friends, colleagues or family and enjoy the outdoor life?

A wild venture tailored to your group could provide the memorable experience you are looking for.

What is on offer?

  • Bushcraft Fun Days
  • Wild Retreats
  • Team Days
  • Family Occasions
  • Forest Camp
  • Tipi Camp
  • Tailored Itinerary
  • Bushcraft Activities
  • Campfire Cooking
  • Woodland Walks
  • Team Challenges
  • Space to reflect amid beautiful surroundings

Where?  1hr from SW London, at a majestic private forest estate in Sussex.

Who? Groups of 6 – 10 people wanting a guided outdoor experience.

When?  Arrive 0930hrs Saturday and depart 1700hrs Sunday (Day Events), or depart 1300hrs Sunday (Overnight Events).

How much?   Day From £80/Person     Overnight From£150/Person       [See Booking Interest Form Below]

 Need More Wild?

Imagine … the joy of creating fire without matches – the achievement of building a shelter together – the fun of carving green wood into tools – the challenge of preparing a meal from animal to pot – the wonder of tracking wild footprints – the excitement of seeking buried treasure – the triumph of hitting a target with a rifle shot – the fascination of making plants into cordage … There are so many ways to enjoy each other’s company while learning new things in the woods!


With a bespoke wild venture you can choose which activities and what style of event suits your group. Whether a fun day, retreat, team development event or family occasion there are plenty of possibilities.

A day event will generally run from 0900 – 1700hrs, and a weekendIMG_8647 event from 0900hrs on Saturday until around 1300hrs on Sunday. Based at an expedition style camp in the heart of the forest, and with a group size of between 6 – 10 participants we can balance the amount of activity and space in line with your objectives for the event.

IMG_8669For overnight events there are options to camp out under the stars in tarp bivouacs, or to sleep in a spacious Nordic Tipi which can be heated in the colder months. The Tipi can also be used as a novel location for delivering reflective activities, celebrations or team building exercises.
In camp the central fire is a great place to connect, share stories and enjoy the beautiful woodland environment. Meals are cooked on the open fire, and game preparation is an option for those with a wild palate. Hot water for beverages will be supplied via the camp kettle throughout the event.

I love seeing people connect with each other and have fun learning new things. Whether it is filleting a fish, carving a tent peg, seeing deer prints in the mud, or simply sitting around a campfire telling stories, the value of sharing wonder and laughter in the open air is immense.

Using a blade, toting logs, or successfully producing a meal without modern conveniences, just feels good!