What happens if … ?

This question is often in my mind, as a logistician certainly, as someone involved in expeditions clearly, and never more so than as a Dad! Hence I have been keen to maintain a First Aid qualification since my teenage years. I have passed various courses including, Basic First Aid [St. John’s], First Aid at Work [Red Cross], and First Aid for Overseas Workers [Red Cross], but most recently I attended the Remote Emergency Care [Level 2] course run by Woodland-Ways in conjunction with Training Expertise, which took things to a new level.

Woodland-Ways - Bushcraft

Entirely based in a remote woodland environment the training was substantially scenario based, and over the course of 48hrs in freezing conditions the students spent plenty of time rescuing one another from a variety of life threatening predicaments. None more grave than simply lacking an open airway. It is astonishing how simple it is to save someone’s life with the knowledge of how to move their head to open their airway.

Vital stuff, and good to get some refreshed answers to my ‘what if?’ questions, especially now that I’m heading off with Jon Beardmore on his Great Game Expedition, and as I look forward to the prospect of wild camping with the Beard family.