The Great Game Expedition – Now with added Nathan Beard Ventures

Earlier this year I became a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. This has been something of a dream since embarking on a life long fascination with the way the world works, and being inspired by Great Britain’s rich history of exploration and adventure.

Given my desire to provide Technical Logistics support it was a natural step via the ‘Geography Outdoors’ Bulletin of Expedition Personnel which led me to Jon Beardmore’s ‘Great Game Expedition‘. In January the expedition was looking for technical support and I offered my services with regard to Vehicle Management, Off-Road Driving and Recovery, Communications and electrical supply.

Since January I have made numerous equipment recommendations as Jon has continued to prepare himself and Boris, the 20yr old Landcruiser, for this extraordinary journey. In addition we have enjoyed some roof-top camping, equipment testing and off-road driving forays into the wilds of Sussex [see Flickr link for film and pictures].

Recently I proposed joining the first part of Leg One of the expedition in order to give support with driving, filming, map-reading, and ironing out technical glitches en route to the Ukraine. I will be driving with Jon from Kensington to Krakow from next Wednesday.

The Great Game Expedition – LEG ONE

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