COVID Secure Event Plan

During the current challenges of dealing with COVID-19 I want to be completely open about the way in which my Wild Ventures have been risk assessed and planned, to enable delivery of outdoor events in line with Government Guidelines.

No one wishes to come to a beautiful forest and be subject to multiple complex restrictions which constantly remind us of global difficulties. However, neither should events be delivered which create an unacceptable risk environment for the transfer of COVID-19.

For this reason I have reassessed event risk in regard to virus transfer, have examined and interpreted UK Government Guidelines, and have observed the various opinions among providers of Bushcraft and outdoor activities.

I have revised the following event plan to minimise risk. If you are thinking about coming on one of my Wild Ventures and are concerned about how health risks will be managed please do read the plan via the link below:

NBV COVID Secure Event Plan – August 2021

It is important to note that elimination of risk is impossible, and thus it is crucial to be happy that any event provider is following a professional approach to managing risks in an acceptable way. It is also valuable to appreciate that whatever our personal standpoint regarding risk, there may be others among any public or corporate group with a lower tolerance for risk. For this reason sharing an agreed set of practices is vital.

The purpose of the NBV COVID Secure Event Plan is twofold. Firstly to manage risk of infection by following Government Guidance. Secondly to enable continued access to Wild Ventures during a season in which outdoor access has been highlighted as an important way to improve wellbeing and health. I aim to do this while continuing to deliver events in a friendly, pragmatic and clear way to minimise disruption to clients.

In this manner I believe we can enjoy the wonderful health-giving benefits of wild spaces, engage in fascinating activities, learn new skills and appreciate deeply the great outdoors.

Best regards,